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About Nigeria National Volunteer Service

The Nigeria National Volunteer Service (NNVS) in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation was set up to oversee the overall management and general adminstration of volunteering and Diaspora matters in Nigeria as provided in the Act establishing the service.

The organization was established in 2003, on the premise that Nigeria has a vast reservoir of human capital, Technical expertise and investment potentials which, if properly mobilized, could fast-track developmental process especially in rural communities. Government initiatives in setting up the NNVS is also supported the desire of Nigerians abroad to be involved in national development and the evidence that similar policy had worked successfully everywhere.

NNVS has the responsibility to coordinate volunteering processes as tools to fight in Nigeria, reduce anti-development factors, break-down barriers prejudices of tribes, religion and political affiliation that hinder national unity and social-economic wellbeing of the people.


    To build a Nigeria where volumteerism is accepted as a way of life and the abundant human and material resources at home and abroad are harnessed towards national development.


    To promeote the culture of volunteerism and mobilized Diaspora Nigerians for community and natioinal social-economic developemnet.

  • By GOAL

    To create a conducive environment for volunteerism to thrive and build constructive relationship with Diaspora Nigerians to facilitate their contribution to national development.

    Evolving strategies to promote volunteerism for social development and nation building through:-
    • Advocacy – creating awareness and raising the profile of volunteerism i.e. organizing sensitization seminars and workshops in all the (6) six geo-political zones.
    • Establishment of offices at the state level and desk offices at Local Government Areas.
    • Building capacity of NGOs and volunteers to create knowledge in volunteer management.
    • Engagement of youth in volunteer programmes in youth development for National Development.
    • Working with corporate bodies in Nigeria on developing corporate social responsibility programmes that will encourage employers to support volunteers in volunteering work.
    • Developing appropriate policies and legislations to outline the rights and responsibilities of volunteers as well as standards on volunteer recruitment/selection, management and support.
    • Coordinate the involvement of the Nigerian Diaspora towards National Development.